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        10 FREE creative activities for happy kids during Coronavirus Lockdown

        10 FREE creative activities for happy kids during Coronavirus Lockdown | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        With the UK officially in lockdown, schools closed down and  parents working for from home we are getting used to lots of time at home together. Here are some activities and ideas to make the next few weeks easier for everyone and keep the kids happy & busy.

        #1 Free Audiobooks for Children

        Audiobooks are a terrific solution to stay at home boredom, so it's good to report that Audible has just made hundreds of titles available for free for children.

        Recognising that parents might be struggling to keep their kids amused now that the schools are closed, loads of kids' and tween-friendly audiobooks are streaming for free. Handy if you're struggling with home-schooling or entertaining the kids, as they're available for as long as schools are closed. See Audible Stories. Miss Clair and Albie are massive fans! Usefully, the free titles are divided into sections including Elementary, Teen, Tween, Literary Classics and Folk Tales.

        free audible stories for kids 

        #2 Free Powerful Women Activity & Colouring Sheets - Greta Thunberg, Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone, Florence Nightingale, Malala Yousafzai 

        Many book publishers offer free coloring and activity dowloads. Check out our collection of free printables from our favorite publishers and artists below. See also Free Printable Ashley Longshore "Powerful Women" Coloring Pages. Download for free.

        #3 Brighton Bricks LEGO Activities

        Brighton Bricks started as an group for adult fans of LEGO in BRIGHTON & HOVE to meet up, and over the years it has transformed as we realised LEGO is so much more than a toy, it is a tool which can foster creative conversation, it is a mindfulness tool, it can bring people together, help businesses with their core values, and so much more.

        brightonbricksNick says...

        "Now schools are closing due to the corona virus I decided to create hopefully daily LEGO activities / challenges which I post on social media. Encouraging adults as well as kids to take part in them, and share their builds via Facebook. If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities please email Nick at or message via social media #brightonbricksbuild. Visit

        #4 The Artful Parent Directory

        Browse through this directory of 500+ kids arts and crafts activities, including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, and making suncatchers. Visit

        artful parent

        #5 Lockdown Learning Instagram Resources

        Lockdown Learning aims to use minimal resources to reduce the barriers to learning and prevent anyone from going out. Danielle, Jemma & Sophie are mums and teachers who are gramming super simple ideas for home education during this crazy coronavirus time. Find activities such as tricky word hunts, puzzles and games to help children learn away from worksheets and textbooks.

        a screenshot of a cell phone

        #6 Home Learning Resources

        In response to school closures, dozens of companies that produce educational materials have made their resources available as free subscriptions. Find links on the Kids Activities websiteLinks to free K-12 educational resources such as audiobooks, e-books, videos, multimedia materials and more are also available on the Open Culture website.

        Help kids learn with Carol Vorderman's popular maths school and the Sir Linkalot spelling app. See Free home-schooling. Also check out the free 3-month language course for kids from Rosetta Stone. Normally £50 for 3 months. Including French, German and Spanish. Free language courses

        #7 The Great Indoors - Scouts Website

        The Great Indoors features 100 activities ©Scouts UK

        The Great Indoors features 100 activities ©Scouts UK

        Bear Grylls is encouraging children in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic to try new activities and develop new skills. The Scouts have made more than 100 free activities,games and craft ideas available on their website - keeping young people busy as they while away time at home.

        #8 Exercise like Crazy for Free

        Try free workouts for 6 weeks with Chris HemsworthNormally £23/month. The Thor actor from the Marvel films is known for his ripped abs. He has free high intensity (HIIT) and other online workout classes right now - see free fitness classes. If the little 'uns are getting restless, they can join the many families doing the free Joe Wicks daily kids' fitness classes.

        #9 Play Hide and Seek

        No list of free fun at home activities would be complete without Hide and Seek. In this classic game, one person (“It”) covers his, her, thier eyes and counts aloud while the other players hide. When “It” is finished counting, he or she begins looking for the hiders. The last hider to be found is the next “It.” Warning: this game is often a source of giggle fits and wanting to go for a wee.

        hide and seek

        #10 Have a Virtual Playdate with Grandma

        Virtual playdates are an excellent way to let kids of all ages connect while social distancing from others. Caribu, a video-calling app, is offering free services with unlimited access during this difficult time. Create an account to enjoy stories, games and even coloring activities during a video call with friends and family.

        #11 Bonus! Make & Do Activities, Games & Puzzles for Bored Kids

        We have a huge selection of arts, make and do, activity and science toys. We love all of the Djeco crafty kits like Djeco glitter boards, the frilly cards and felt brush colouring in kits. We also have puzzles, books, artistic patches, kidzlabz, Lego & playmobil and board games. Take a look in our shop.


        Useful links

        BBC : Coronavirus - How to help kids cope with life without school

        Live Science - Activities and online resources for homebound kids: A coronavirus guide

        48 ideas to entertain the kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak  

        How to work from home with children during the coronavirus outbreak

        The Santa Bus is in Brighton Town!

        The Santa Bus is in Brighton Town! | Wigwam Toys Brighton
        Did you know that Santa's in town on his very own bus and Jesse owner of Wigwam Toys is officially one of Santa's helpers this year! The Santa Bus visits more than 200 streets in Brighton & Hove over 20 nights in the run-up to Christmas, spreading festive cheer while fundraising for 11 charities. 

        Read more

        Best toys of July 2019 - Miss Clair's favourite toys

        Best toys of July 2019  - Miss Clair's favourite toys | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        Looking for a different gift or unusual toy for a newborn or what about a brilliant childrens book? Read on as Miss Clair divulges the top toys in store this month. Guaranteed to keep your kids occupied during the summer holidays...

        #1 Sheldon the Shrimp from Jellycat

        In at number one is Jellycat's Sheldon Shrimp, just come in store yesterday, gorgeous colours, they just make me smile. This is the perfect unusual & appealing gift for newborn, fab colours and textures. So soft to the touch and washable too!

        The full range of Jellycat is soft toy silliness! Explore our collection of quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys you have ever hugged and adored. Established in London in 1999 Jellycat launch many new soft toy designs every January and July.

        #2 Jellycat Crispin Crab

        It would be a crime not to fall for the loveable crustaceous Crispin Crab, with his snapping pincers and big beautiful eyes. Perfect for a cuddle, but mind your fingers! Irresistibly cuddly, hilariously humorous, a perfect gift for all ages!

        #3 Creature feature children's book

        My favourite children's book is Creature Feature because it’s so beautifully and colourfully illustrated, pages & pages of joy! 

        #4 The Book of Bees

        The book of bees is a factual book, beautifully illustrated and full of really fascinating facts. Globally there are more honey bees than other types of bee and pollinating insects, so it is the world's most important pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees. 

        #5 Best designer toy for all ages (including adults)

        Finally, oogi caterpillar (oogipillar)? Tilly & I have been sticking them together & pulling them apart, so satisfying! 

        Driven by a passion for great design, MOLUK create innovative, sustainable products that don't just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction. In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds. Say no more....


        Chillax with Wigwam Tunes

        Chillax with Wigwam Tunes | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        Listen to what Miss Clair has to say about instore music... We love jazz and a bit of blues that kind of thing which we have playing in the background at the shop.  We think it's really important because we're only a small business and when people come in they can potentially feel a little bit intimidated like they're coming into our space.

        I think it really helps to have a bit of quiet soft music on in the background it just makes people feel a bit more welcome, it makes them feel less intimadated and for  me and i'm getting a bit bored i can have a little dance a little sing-along.

        It helps keep my energy up as well so i think it definitely has a positive impact on the whole atmosphere is the business and i know that a lot of customers say they really like the music.  They say they love what we  play in here and you know i think it actually helps people relax, it encourages people to stay a little bit longer because they're listening to the music and they're wandering around and they feel good!

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