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        Blog — sussex

        Best Kids Toys 2020 : The Coolest Toys for Kids this Year

        Best Kids Toys 2020 : The Coolest Toys for Kids this Year | Wigwam Toys Brighton
        In January we visited the UK Toy Fair the only dedicated toy, game and hobby exhibition at Olympia, London. Top retailers, inventors, and exhibitors flooded into Olympia, London to showcase thousands of new products,  It was a fun opportunity to touch, feel and experiment with the toys of the future or back to the future even! 

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        The Santa Bus is in Brighton Town!

        The Santa Bus is in Brighton Town! | Wigwam Toys Brighton
        Did you know that Santa's in town on his very own bus and Jesse owner of Wigwam Toys is officially one of Santa's helpers this year! The Santa Bus visits more than 200 streets in Brighton & Hove over 20 nights in the run-up to Christmas, spreading festive cheer while fundraising for 11 charities. 

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        Chillax with Wigwam Tunes

        Chillax with Wigwam Tunes | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        Listen to what Miss Clair has to say about instore music... We love jazz and a bit of blues that kind of thing which we have playing in the background at the shop.  We think it's really important because we're only a small business and when people come in they can potentially feel a little bit intimidated like they're coming into our space.

        I think it really helps to have a bit of quiet soft music on in the background it just makes people feel a bit more welcome, it makes them feel less intimadated and for  me and i'm getting a bit bored i can have a little dance a little sing-along.

        It helps keep my energy up as well so i think it definitely has a positive impact on the whole atmosphere is the business and i know that a lot of customers say they really like the music.  They say they love what we  play in here and you know i think it actually helps people relax, it encourages people to stay a little bit longer because they're listening to the music and they're wandering around and they feel good!

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