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        10 of the best nature toys and books for little explorers

        10 of the best nature toys and books for little explorers
        Nature play is a natural and important way for children to engage with the environment that surrounds them. This is why it's so important to provide kids with toys and kits that will encourage them to explore nature as well as other outdoor activities. 

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        Where you shop matters, shop local independent retailers

        Where you shop matters, shop local independent retailers | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        By now most people will have heard of Small Business Saturday, but just in case you fancied a reminder, here is what it’s all about:

        Small Business Saturday UK is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to 'shop local' and support small businesses in their communities.

        The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.

        On Small Business Saturday, customers across the U.K go out and support all types of small businesses.”

        We all know about Black Friday, and most of us are aware that seemingly huge discounts and great deals offered on the day, aren’t really what they seem. The consumer body Which recently published an article damning the price hikes and artificial discounting practices of large online and Highstreet retailers.

        There is huge pressure to join in with the discounting on the day, in fact, probably the only real deals you will get, are offered by small and micro businesses, or individual traders who already offer the best prices they can and can ill afford the loss.

        With lockdown severely affecting the economy of the UK and loopholes in lockdown legislation being shamelessly exploited by “essential” retailers, the toy trade in particular is set to be hurt very badly indeed in the run up to Christmas. 

        Supermarkets have increased their toy and gift offerings, and retailers who have never stocked toys in the past, are cashing in on the forced closure of so called “Non essential” businesses. 

        November is the second busiest month for toy and gift retailers, with December being the first obviously! Many small retail businesses across the country rely on the November and December trade, to see them through the leaner times of January and February. With cash reserves run through, lowering resilience, many businesses may be forced to close for good this winter. 

        Why should you care you ask, surely Amazon can bring me what I need? 

        Well, according to the FSB (federation of Small Business) at the start of 2020 there were 5.94 million small businesses who employ between 1 & 49 people each. This means SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population! Not only that, SMEs account for 3/5ths of the employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector.  According to the House of Commons Briefing paper #06152, Businesses in the retail sector alone accounted for 18% of employment and 34% of all turnover in 2019. 

        It may not seem that much, but small businesses are where the innovation happens, they bring creativity and vibrancy to an area. Imagine walking through your local shopping centre and seeing only the same few big brand stores, offering the same range of goods at the same price town to town, no choice, no competition, no character, as a consumer it’s a pretty bleak thought. 

        I love my town and the little independent shops, boutiques and curiosities. They are what make my town different from yours. They are what I seek out, and get excited to explore, when I visit a new town or city. 

        I like meeting people who were brave enough to take a risk and birth their business, you can be sure they care about what they do, and can tell you the story behind the product or their store, who go will above and beyond to give you the customer the best advice and experience. 

        Small businesses are of their community, they reflect the character of their communities and create relationships that are about more than just a purchase.

        It would be a huge loss for our communities and the country as a whole if we were to loose our independent retail sector. By supporting small and local you are supporting innovation, creativity, growth, change and competition, all of which are good for all of us and our communities.

        We're Donating Toys to Children in Need during Lockdown 2.0

        We're Donating Toys to Children in Need during Lockdown 2.0 | Wigwam Toys Brighton
        We decided to reach out to our toy suppliers to see if they could offer toy donations and the response has been truly heart warming, with several pallet loads of toys and gifts arriving at the shop door for families in need in Brighton this lockdown Christmas. 

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        Gift Guide : Best vehicle toys for kids and dads who love cars, vans and trucks

        Gift Guide : Best vehicle toys for kids and dads who love cars, vans and trucks | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        Looking for the best vehicle toys for kids and big kids who love cars, vans and trucks? We have some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the petrol heads in your life whether they are kids, dads or grandparents who are hard to buy for. Who wouldn't want a VW campervan in their christmas stocking?

        From buildable campervans to classic retro favourites like Tonka, here's our pick of the top toy vehicles for boys and girls of all ages.

        1# Tonka Micro Metal Construction Vehicles


        For over 70 years, Tonka has been the world’s favorite toy truck! Today, Tonka is still rolling into the imaginations of kids all over the world. From one generation to the next, Tonka is a rite of passage that carries meaning and creates memories. Tonka inspires kids to create stories, play, get moving and stay active, while igniting imaginations to run away from laptop screens and into new adventures! 

        TONKA offers all the rescue, construction and service vehicles in micro sized metal version. The perfect stocking fillers each pack includes 4 die cast vehicles and Tonka tough dirt, a no-mess sand compound that mimics real construction site conditions. Each free-wheeling vehicle is crafted with attention to detail and is built micro-sized, but TONKA tough! Hours of lockdown fun!



        2# Back to the Future DeLorean Car by Playmobil

        Go back to the 80's. Playmobil goes back to the future with this Back to the Future DeLorean set! The iconic DeLorean features folding wheels for hover mode, doors which open upwards, an illuminated flux capacitor inside and illuminated exterior. Also included is plutonium, which can be inserted at the back of the vehicle. The playset is complete with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown in their outfits from 1985. Includes a plutonium case, skateboard, remote control and Einstein, the dog. Must have for Netflix or Prime back to the future watch series,


        3# Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Van Playmobil 70286

        Fred, Daphne and Velma travel around the world in the Playmobil 70286 Scooby-DooMystery Machine.

        With the help of the included ghost-hunting cards, which they review on their monitor inside the Mystery Machine, they are able to find ghosts. Discover ghost cards in other Scooby-Doo! playsets, which can also be viewed on the illuminated monitor inside the vehicle.

        #4  Volkswagen VW Bulli Hippie Van Model Advent Calender

        Big kids, dads and grandparents will love to spend hours together building this classic VW campervan. The Volkswagen VW Bulli T1 is an icon of our times. 

        Franzis has the perfect Advent calendar for all fans of the iconic "Hippie van". In 24 steps, a Bulli world of experience with the original engine sound, a comprehensive 52-page booklet and accessories relating to the incredibly popular VW Bus unfolds before your eyes. For snap and screw assembly.
        Make the Advent season an automobile festival! In just 24 steps you can build your own first Bulli panorama. A large-format companion book guides you through the history of the VW Bulli as well as the assembly of the calendar content.

        5# Eco Concious Recycle Truck - Green Toys

        Sort bottles, cans and paper or just have a blast! Your eco-conscious little one will learn recycling basics while playing with this super cool recycling truck that has a movable recycling bed and open/shut rear door.

        The awesome eco-design by Green Toys has no metal axles. Safe, non-toxic; contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. Guaranteed to produce hours of Good Green Fun!

        6# Candylab Wooden Toy Vans & Cars

        Introducing the Candyvan Armored Van toy vehicle and collectable by Candylab Toys. The all new 'Candyvan' Collection is an awesome retro collection of miniature toy vans. Completely unique and full of character, these fantastic iconic collectables will add a punch of colour and heaps of fun to the play room! 

        See our toy vehices toy collection for more gift ideas. 

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