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Spread kindness during Lockdown 2 - Support local charities

We support many local charities and this year we want to raise awareness of and donate to them to support them through lockdown. Now you can too!

World Kindness Day is on Friday 13th November 2020. Kindness Day UK is a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society and day to day life. Individual acts of kindness are encouraged on this day annually. 

Like Mary Portas we believe that ‘The Kindness Economy’ will define the future of the high street. Old-school consumer culture, reducing people to what they buy rather than who they are, is dying. And businesses that were set up to feed that beast are crumbling. This new era, The Kindness Economy, is going to be about sentience. It’s going to be about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we are doing and we believe in that. So.. we've made it easy for you to spread a little kindness by donating through our store.

Donate - add gift wrap & handwritten gift tag

Add gift wrap to your basket. For every gift tag we write we ask you to pledge a small donation to our local food bank to support families struggling in Lockdown. You can do this at checkout.

Donate at checkout

You can donate a teeny amount or a bit more but only if you can afford it. These donations go to the charities we support listed below....

Brighton Food Bank

brighton food bank

Brighton Food Bank is supported by your donations and exists to help individuals and families in crisis. team exists to help families and individuals going through times of crisis. We do this primarily through giving of food, but also by supporting clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as well as signposting them to other agencies across the city for expert advice. Each client needs a referral and is given an appointment time.


Circus Starr




We sponsor Circus Starr for Children with disabilities, families on low incomes, those facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition. Every child, whoever they are, is free to be themselves at a Circus Starr Show – shout with joy, move to the music or appear centre stage! EVERY child deserves a little magic. Circus Starr brings thrills and excitement to all, creating an event where everyone’s included and memories are made.


Raise Your Hands 

Find out how we’re helping small charities do what they do best – transforming the lives of young people. Small, well-run charities transform lives every day. They do work that has measurable impact, yet they struggle to compete for funding. Their mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for exceptional  working with young people and we support this.


Dogs Trust

The creators of the Pound Puppies toys, Basic Fun, are donating to Dogs Trust from the wholesale price of each pound puppy sold in the UK, so each toy sold will be helping us to find loving new homes for the dogs in their care.

dogs trust pound puppies











Brighton Bricks Lego Group

brighton bricks

Brighton Bricks started as a group for adult fans of LEGO in BRIGHTON & HOVE to meet up. Over the years it has transformed as we realised LEGO is so much more than a toy, it is a tool which can foster creative conversation, it is a mindfulness tool, it can bring people together, help businesses with their core values, and so much more. We love Brighton Bricks as they promote the ability to use LEGO to help people, to be part of the community.


Brighton Santa Bus

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Santa Bus Tour! The open-top bus, decked out with 9,600 fairy lights, will hopefully (in 2020) visit more than 200 streets in Brighton and Hove over 20 nights, raising funds for 11 charities along the way! Last year Jesse our owner volunteered to be one of Santas little helpers.

Children (and adults) will get to see Santa and his elves drive down their road in the lit-up bus with the fun of festive lights and music.

Brighton Santa Bus  raises money for 11 charities. They are, Amaze, Chesnut Tree House, East Sussex Credit Union Foundation, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Moulsecoomb Forest Garden, Ronald McDonald House, Say Aphasia, Take Shelter, The Martlets, Trust for Developing Communities and YMCA Downslink Group. Since 2004, the Santa Bus has raised more than £250,000 for local charities.


We hope you will join us to support many local charities and this year. You can donate to them to support them through lockdown on the checkout page.

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