We Donated £5,000 Worth of Toys to Families & Homeless Young People

We Donated £5,000 Worth of Toys to Families & Homeless Young People

This Christmas we donated £5,000 worth of toys to families & homeless young people in need through the Cardinal Hume Centre, London.

Earlier this month Intuit QuickBooks approached us with the aim of helping small businesses unwrap success this holiday season. We use QuickBooks as a small business so we were quite surprised when we were gifted £5,000 of purchases by QuickBooks from our shop to give to children's charity the Cardinal Hume Centre. Joined by Simon Squibb of The Purposeful Project, we selected toys to donate to Cardinal Hume Centre for the children supported by the charity.

@quickbooksuk We bought £5000 of toys from a small business and donated them to charity. Unwrap success for your business this holiday season, link in bio to tips and resources #quickbooks ♬ original sound - QuickBooks UK
This year has been tougher than ever for vulnerable families and young people.


38% of children in London live in poverty.

The Cardinal Hume Centre tackles homelessness, poor housing and poverty at a young age to break its cycle into later life.

The Centre enables people to gain the skills they need to overcome poverty and homelessness. Working with homeless young people, badly housed families and others in need. Each year the Centre welcomes more than 1,700 people. The staff work with respect, integrity and compassion to help each person find a home, become financially stable and, quite simply, have a better life.

Joined by Simon Squibb of The Purposeful Project, we selected toys to donate to Cardinal Hume Centre for the children supported by the charity.

We have sent 10 huge boxes to them via courier and they got there in the nick of time! It has been extremely challenging running a business at peak season with Royal Mail strikes, staff illness and shortages and parenting to say the least.

It was crazy getting it all packed up and Jesse and Clair were beside themselves at the end. It was about 1 in the morning the day before Christmas Eve by the time the gifted toys were sorted and ready to go, so it’s lovely to know how much it was appreciated and that the kids and families will really benefit from the Quickbooks donation.

We had a lovely thank you note from the Cardinal Hume Centre...

"I wanted to get in touch to say thank you once again for the fantastic collection of toys that you have given for our family Centre. As you can see from below message from our family services manager Gaia, she and her team were thrilled to get to choose toys for use in our family Centre and some to be given by Santa at our Christmas party.

Below I have included our Christmas wrap up video including photos of the children receiving gifts from Santa."

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