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      Tonies & Toniebox Audio Player for Children‎

      Tonies & Toniebox Audio Player for Children‎ | Wigwam Toys Brighton

      Buy a Toniebox and get a Tonie Character for free!

      Offer available from 2nd June until 15th June

      Simply add your starter set and character and the discount will be applied at checkout

      The award - winning children's audio system

      Create your individual Tonie avatar and share it with your family and friends!


      Combining a stylish audio player and collectable figurines, tonies® makes listening to stories and songs intuitive, interactive and fun! 


      Meet the Toniebox, your entry ticket to a whole new world of adventures and audio fun for children. A unique child-friendly audiio system. Once downloaded, always ready to play. Soft enough to cuddle, tough enough for really hands-on children!