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Crazy Aaron's Scentsory Berry Scented Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron's Scentsory Berry Scented Thinking Putty

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Thinking Putty is a high quality, silicone based putty that is safe, nontoxic and will never dry out. Thinking Putty helps to build hand and finger strength through a fabulous tactile play experience with unique, unexpected properties and provides relaxing, yet stimulating interaction. 

Treat yourself to something sweet!  Plan the perfect escape with the sun-drenched colors and dreamy scents of the tropics.

Crazy Aaron’s SCENTsory® putty goes way beyond scent to invoke a total sensory experience like no other. Indulge your senses with the velvety soft touch, the dynamic look, and the wonderful scent and discover just how amazing SCENTSory® putty can make you feel.


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