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    Chillax with Wigwam Tunes

    Chillax with Wigwam Tunes

    Listen to what Miss Clair has to say about instore music...

    We love jazz and a bit of blues that kind of thing which we have playing in the background at the shop.  We think it's really important because we're only a small business and when people come in they can potentially feel a little bit intimidated like they're coming into our space.

    I think it really helps to have a bit of quiet soft music on in the background it just makes people feel a bit more welcome, it makes them feel less intimadated and for  me and i'm getting a bit bored i can have a little dance a little sing-along.

    It helps keep my energy up as well so i think it definitely has a positive impact on the whole atmosphere is the business and i know that a lot of customers say they really like the music.  They say they love what we  play in here and you know i think it actually helps people relax, it encourages people to stay a little bit longer because they're listening to the music and they're wandering around and they feel good!

    Lottie Dolls are in!

    Lottie Dolls are in!
    Lottie Dolls are a series of dolls created by Arklu Ltd; 'the doll company that is inspired by real kids'. Launched in August 2012, Lottie's motto "Be bold, be brave, BE YOU" reflects the company aim of providing a relatable and childlike doll that encourages kids to be kids. Lottie promotes STEM subjects for kids. The Lottie company Arklu used research and the backing of two academics, Professor David McCarthy and Dr. Margaret Ashwell, to give Lottie the dimensions of a real nine-year-old girl.

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    Awards & Achievements

    Awards & Achievements


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    WINNER, Venus, Best New Business 2014, (sponsored by Howlett Clarke Solicitors).
    Finalist, Venus, women in business, awards sponsored by Natwest.

    “I was delighted and honoured to be nominated for two categories, in the Venus, women in business awards, sponsored by Natwest. They were; Business Mother of the year, and Best New Business 2014, (sponsored by Howlett Clarke Solicitors). It means a lot to know that what we do is valued and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to put the business forward.

    After a nerve wracking evening, We were very happy to come away as the regional winners in the Best New Business category, and are enjoying our status as national finalists. We look forward to meeting everyone at the the finals in January”.

    Clair Letton, Owner, Wigwam Toys.

    Small Business Saturday

    Wigwam are honoured to have been chosen as one of the top 100 small businesses in the UK for the second year running by AMEX, in aid of Small Business Saturday UK,

    Small Business Saturday is a grass-roots, non-political, non-commercial campaign that supports, inspires and promotes small business and encourages people to support small businesses in their communities, both on the Saturday itself and beyond.

    It is a time to focus on our nation’s small businesses, which provide almost two thirds of private sector employment and almost half of private sector turnover.

    This year Small Business Saturday in the UK will take place on the 6th December, one of our busiest shopping days of the year. More information on Small Business Saturday can be found on the Small Business Saturday website (www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com).

    “Small Business Saturday is a really important movement and we believe strongly that small businesses have a crucial role to play in the health of our economy, and can be far more responsive to the needs of their customers than the big chains and nationals. In the best cases It also represents a model of doing business that more holistic. Community shops become gathering places, places to go for information or a chat, create friendships and grow communities. Encouraging people to use their small local businesses is beneficial to everyone, not just to remote shareholders. Being chosen to be part of the Small Business 100 is something we are incredibly proud of and we look forward to this years Small Business Saturday and many more to come”.

    Clair Letton, Owner, Wigwam Toys.