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         We source stock from designer brands, local artisan makers and from overseas. The type of eco friendly toys you don't tend to see in big high street toy shops. Our much-loved toy shop was founded in 2001 and has a loyal following among the familes of Brighton and Hove. Sadly, due to the illness and tragic death of the original owner, the shop closed in early 2013.


        In March 2013, Clair Letton and Jesse Marshall bought WigWam and officially re-opened the shop on 20th April 2013.  WigWam stocks a wide range of well-known and rather unusual toys, books, pocket-money treats, greetings cards and gift wrap for girls and boys. 

        "There are some great educational toys and craft kits. The whole ethos of the place is to sell toys that stimulate the imagination and if possible teach the kids something. The prices start from an allowance friendly fifty pence to well into the £50 mark for some of the more elaborate sets of Lego and Sylvanian Families."

        About the owners, Clair Letton and Jesse Marshall: Clair and Jesse met in Brighton in 1998. They both hold art degrees (Clair in Fine Art Print Making, Jesse in Sculpture). They moved to Fiveways in 2006 with their son and went on to have two more children. If you have ever visited The Brighton Festival Artists’ Open Houses in Fiveways, you may remember The Cake House, the “pop-up” shop and café run by the couple and exhibiting the work of local artists (as well as serving teas and some of the prettiest cakes you will have ever seen). 

        Mr Benjamin

        Mr Ben

        This is Mr Benjamin. He's the store manager, instore entertainment and chief of customer love and vegan cake. Meet him online or in person with his wonderful personality, sense of humour and hugability. He's also the chief big bear at The Big Forest a boutique etsy shop stocking unique, creative collectibles.

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