Collection: Clockwork Soldier Paper Crafts & Models

Clockwork Soldier specialise in paper activities and craft kits aiming to provide fun and challenging projects as a welcome distraction from digital toys.

Tpahe per craft products are designed to be fun creative toys that will amaze children and adults alike. Clockwork Soldier in North London believes that learning through play is a vital part of a child's development.  Bringing back the old-fashioned concepts of imagination and fun - to create paper crafts for kids that encourage children to play whether on their own, inspired by their imagination, or together with friends and family.

Their model-making kits have a creative and educational theme but the main priority is that they are fun. Their core values are based on wholesome family values with a “make and do” ethos that is reminiscent of times gone by.  

You could create your own unicorn friend, a magical garden, unicorn puppets, or a snappy shark. Perfect for spring and summer holidays. Clockwork Soldier is a company and a collective of people who care deeply about environmental issues. In particular with a focus on sustainability.