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        Games & Puzzles

        Games & Puzzles | Wigwam Toys Brighton

        We have a large selection of jigsaw puzzles and board games that will knock your socks off.  Did you know Jigsaw puzzles exercise the left and right sides of your brain at once,  improve your short-term memory, improve your visual-spatial reasoning and are a great meditation tool and stress reliever for young and old. 

        Here’s the top health benefits of board games from Health Fitness Revolution:

        • Have fun and feel good. One of the effects of playing board games is laughter and it has be found out that this increases endorphins. This chemical in our body is known to elevate the feeling of happiness
        • Family time. Nowadays spending an uninterrupted time with your family may be quite impossible given the different schedules each family member has. Yet playing board games after a family dinner is one excellent way to get together and strengthen your family bond.
        • Memory formation and cognitive skills. The areas of the brain that are responsible for complex thought and memory formation are the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. These parts most benefits when playing board games.o get together and strengthen your family bond.
        • Reduces risks for mental diseases.Playing board games keeps your mind engaged by exercising it and building it stronger. It’s good to note that stronger brain has lower risks of cognitive decline.
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