Collection: Lego Minecraft

Find, collect, build and combine any LEGO® Minecraft™ sets to create your own hands-on version of your favorite video game scenes, characters and stories. 

Minecraft is an exceptional open-world sandbox game that mixes survival, building, crafting, exploration, and combat elements to create the most versatile world of adventures - build of blocks! LEGO® Minecraft toy building sets are designed for kids looking to take this most popular video game into another dimension.

From designing fantasy castles, raising livestock, growing crops, and mining valuable ores, and battling hordes of hostile mobs, fans will love creating hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring Minecraft buildable action figures, fantastic locations, and cool accessories. From LEGO® Minecraft mountain caves and dungeons, Minecraft villages, bee farms, pig houses, and modern treehouses, Minecraft LEGO® sets to form a world with limitless possibilities.

All LEGO® Minecraft building toys can be combined and rebuilt to create a unique Minecraft LEGO® brick universe. These cool LEGO® toys for kids make ideal Minecraft gifts for any occasion.