Collection: Wooden Baby & Toddler Toys

Safe, high-quality Wooden Toys for Toddlers & Babies

We have a superb range of high-quality wooden baby and toddler toys that will stimulate your child and help them to develop their imagination and play skills. Wooden baby toys such as rattles, shape sorters, pull-along, and stacking cubes are great gifts for babies as they help them to develop early learning & sensory skills such as hearing, touch, and sight. Wooden Puzzles, Jigsaws and Alphabet Letters are perfect Learning Toys. We have small wooden rattles for little ones to shake, rattle, or roll. Our organic wooden rattle are sustainably sourced and painted with environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic paint.

Wooden Toddler Toys for 1-3-year-olds

As babies turn into toddlers a new range of toys are needed to help your child develop physically and socially. Wooden toys for toddlers such as stacking toys, puzzles shape sorters, and wooden building blocks help to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Top Wooden Toy brands

We stock Bigjigs Toys, Plan Toys, Djeco, and Cliques as well as products from small business brands and artisans in our local community. We love hand-finished and ethically made wooden baby toys.

Why do parents like buying wooden toys?

Our range of unisex wooden toys are suitable from when your child learns to grip. To help you find the right wooden toy, we have curated the best ones we could find, including wooden toys for teething babies, ones for toddlers working on their fine motor skills, and toys that encourage pretend play in all the colors of the rainbow. These beautifully crafted toys are interactive and encourage babies and toddlers to experiment with building and sorting.

We’re conscious that we are drowning in forgettable toys that break and disassemble ending in piles of plastic or landfill — so we choose to stock a collection of heirloom wood toys that are sustainable, elegant, durable, and simple.