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    35th Anniversary Retro My Little Pony Collection UK

    35th Anniversary Retro My Little Pony | Wigwam Toys Brighton

    35th Anniversary Retro My Little Ponies! The original Mane 6 come with a comb, ribbon and poster, and the Rainbow Ponies come with a comb, sticker and ribbon, and they're all packaged in boxes adorned with original graphics. A must for all pony fans!

    35th Anniversary Classic Collection

    We stock special 35th anniversary reproductions of the original 6 My Little Pony friends! You can collect Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty®, and Snuzzle

    Unicorn & Pegasus Collection

    Your favorite original Unicorn & Pegasus ponies are back! Firefly, Glory, Medley, Moondancer, Sunbeam, and Twilight each come with a brush, ribbon and mini collector poster!

    Earth Pony Collection

    Collect all 4 of the original Earth Ponies! Applejack, Bow Tie, Bubbles, and Seashell are just like you remember and each include a brush, ribbon and mini collector poster!

    My Little Pony • G3

    Kids have loved Hasbro's My Little Pony since the 1980s, and now we've recreated four of your favorite 3rd Generation ponies - Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie!

    With long, shiny hair that you can brush and style, they look and feel just like you remember and are the perfect gift for kids or adult collectors. Each pony includes a brush and has a unique colorful cutie mark! You can collect all four!

    Rainbow Collection • Series 1

    You can collect all 6 of your favorite original Rainbow Ponies - Moonstone, Parasol, Skydancer, Starshine, Sunlight, and Windy! Each pony includes a comb, ribbon, and collector sticker!

    Pretty Parlor Playset with Peachy Pony

    The Pretty Parlor Playset includes an exclusive pony, Peachy, her friendly cat Twinkles, and lots of fun accessories to primp and style all your ponies for the big show! Relive your childhood, and share the fun with My Little Pony fans of all ages!