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Candylab cars offer! Spend £30 on Candylab, get the following wooden cars half price!

  • White Beast - 1/2 price
  • Doc Ryder Gt-10 race car - 1/2 price
  • Aspen Pioneer - 1/2 price

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Candylab's cool wooden cars, camper vans, and trucks have quickly become coveted children and adult collectibles. Candylab Toys is a design company made up of architects, engineers, and designers with a passion for all-natural materials, craftsmanship, and vintage-yet-modern-looking cars that exude their own personality and take inspiration from yesteryear.

Its range of wooden toy cars boasts a highly artistic look with a mix of bold colours, and solid build from their sturdy beechwood body, and spans concepts from the Woodie Wagon Surf Vibe vintage to the “Drifter Series”, an off-roader infused with nostalgia.

As well as its highly stylised lines, Candylab is focusing on smaller, streamlined toy cars designed for kids to play with. The new cars have Candylab’s cartoony look. 

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