Collection: CLiCQUES Magnetic Wooden Peg Dolls

CLiCQUES [clicks] are handmade wooden peg dolls made from high-quality European hornbeam wood. They are CE certified and hand-painted with child-safe paints and varnishes. These handmade wooden toys consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets designed for you to mix them up and switch their clothes.  CLiCQUES come in house-shaped boxes that can be individually customized with beautiful backgrounds.

GOOD TOYS: CE certificate, high-quality European hornbeam, child-safe paints and varnishes, HANDMADE IN SLOVENIA

EDUCATIONAL: inspire imagination, great for learning colours and colour combinations, help improve motor skills

FUN: magnet toys, super cool houses with custom backgrounds, DIY kits, beautiful garden, a never-ending story

ECO-FRIENDlY: no plastic, environmentally friendly colours and varnishes, the box is an integral part of the toy

Suitable for 3 years +

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