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The Original Pound Puppies are back! These authentic reproductions of the 1980s hit toys look and feel just like you remember, and are ready to be adopted and loved. They’ve been waiting for someone like you to choose them as your very own pet. They are easy to take care of – they just need a little love and lots of hugs! 

Pound Puppies come in a range of hues and designs. Each comes with a name tag and adoption certificate. Getting a Pound Puppy is like adopting a cuddly best friend!

Pound Puppies are available in a variety of colors and styles. Each includes an adoption certificate and name tag. When you bring home a Pound Puppy, you’re adopting a best friend! Weve partnered with the Dogs Trust to rehome rescue puppies in the UK, a great way to promote rescue puppies and dogs.

Discover pound puppies with babies, pound puppies newborns, and original pound puppies from the 80s reproduced by Basic Fun. Six varieties of Pound Puppies are available for adoption–gray, beige, beige with brown spots, white with brown spots, light brown with dark brown spots, and red with black spots. there are also six Pound Puppy Newborns, small enough to fit in your hands. Each of these soft, fuzzy babies needs someone to adopt them and take care of them. All babies come wearing a diaper and with the adoption certificate, tag, and stickers like their older siblings.

Pound Puppies Toys were plush toy dogs put out by Irwin in 1984 and then Tonka in 1985. Pound Puppies are so huggable, that you'll never want to stop hugging them! Each soft and cuddly puppy includes a heart tag with a space to fill in their name and a fun fact card about your dog. Each Pound Puppy comes in its own dog house too! Also available in Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, or Poodle. Adopt them all! Appropriate for ages 3 and up. 

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