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Every Super Mario fan is excited after Nintendo shared the first trailer for its Chris-Pratt-starring animated Super Mario Bros movie due for release in 2023. If you can't wait or if you have ever wondered what it might be like to play Super Mario in real life? Now you don't have to!

Our collection of Super Mario board games lets you compete against your friends and family, just like the loved video game characters themselves. Each one comes with two boards, dice, and tokens so players can move around and take turns jumping over gaps, eating mushrooms, and fighting their opponents. And don't worry about toppling towers - cause nothing can stop our smooth-talking mustachioed hero!

This fun selection of Super Mario board games will be an excellent choice for family game nights, birthday parties, and sleepovers so you can spend more quality time with your kids. It's time to take your gaming experience to the next level! 

Browse our Super Mario Board Game collection including Super Mario Blow Up Shaky TowerSuper Mario Adventure Game DX, Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape and  Super Mario Mario Kart Racing Track Deluxe Game.

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