Collection: Tiger Tribe

Discover Tiger Tribe, a range of award-winning compact and portable art, craft and activity sets for imaginative kids direct from Australia mate.

Go on an imaginative journey. Kids learn best through play and Tiger Tribe helps open an unlimited world of possibilities for inquisitive, growing minds as they entertain, educate and amaze. Thoughtfully designed with high-value, engaging content, these products help a child unplug while stimulating their imaginations through absorbing creative adventures.

Kids are bursting with energy and a desire to create, explore and express themselves. Illustrated in a charming style, these products will enchant and enthrall while fostering a captivating world of creativity.

Designed with today's child in mind, all Tiger Tribe products are cleverly self-contained and perfectly portable. All are easily transported in a bag, backpack or carry-on. Everything is together and nothing gets lost.

These are the perfect entertainment companions for road trips, car rides, restaurants, and quiet-time play. They're never bored, always engaged, and innately brilliant.

Tiger Tribe toys are created with portable play in mind. Explore our travel-friendly range of creative toys & kids activity sets including tiger tribe crayons, tiger tribe coloring sets and activity sets.