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Djeco DJ08800 10 Felt Tip Brush Pens - Classic Colours

Djeco DJ08800 10 Felt Tip Brush Pens - Classic Colours

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Practical and handy, this set of 10 felt brushes by Djeco are highly pigmented with double tip ends. At one end there is a brush point which can be used for painting pictures, ornaments, decorative pieces, canvases or for filling other large areas. At the other end has a fine point which is perfect for producing more detailed work such as writing, or filling in smaller areas.

These felt tip pens are available in 10 classic colours so you can ensure your child will have every shade they need to create their own imaginative artistic projects. Lasting for a long time, these felt tip pens are a great gift for kids who love to write, draw, colour or paint.

Suitable for ages 6 years +

Djeco DJ08800

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