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Djeco DJ07874 Pomea Baby Dahlia Purple

Djeco DJ07874 Pomea Baby Dahlia Purple

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With her big blue eyes and purple clothes, Baby Dahlia Rose is a doll for children from 18 months onwards. She is light and her size (32 cm) is perfectly adapted to the arms of small children. Her soft body is printed with a pretty "bodysuit" and can be held just like a real baby. Her face, arms and legs are made of very soft vinyl, pleasant to touch. Her eyes fall shut when you put her on her back. 

Articulated arms and legs enable her to sit up and when she lies down her eyes will shut.

Baby Dahlia Purple has been thoughtfully designed to be light to carry; 32 cm in size, she is a baby doll that is perfectly adapted for children. The face, arms and legs are made of soft, smooth neutral-scented vinyl and she is an anatomically correct baby girl doll.

Suitable for ages 18 months +

Djeco DJ07874

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