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Human-Powered Light Bulb

Human-Powered Light Bulb

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Turn your body's natural static charge into useful light with this human-powered light bulb. Feet dragging required! 

Sure you‘ve seen static electricity at work: “static cling”, bad hair days, a shock from a door knob - but now you can put all of that “body electricity” to good use and light a small neon light bulb. Body static electricity can be in excess of 10,000 volts - but amperage is so low, it’s harmless!

Hold on to one of the light bulb wires and walk across your carpet, dragging your feet as you go.. This builds up a charge of static electricity that discharges through the light bulb in your hand. You power the bulb! Try it in a darkened room to see the full glow. You need to generate static electricity (think enough to get a small shock when you touch something metal.) That is how the bulb works. If you generate a large enough charge, the bulb glows in free air.

Electricity has never been more fun!

  • Turns a static charge into light
  • STEM:  Harmless Static Electricity demonstration
  • Card size:  6" x 3" 

Suitable for ages 8 years +

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