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Landscape Blocks House

Landscape Blocks House

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The house series feature a variety of European-style town buildings made of solid beech wood. The overall simple and elegant style, lead children into the fairy tale world of European towns.

Through the building blocks children can enhance their understanding of buildings in the living environment, and learn about the form and function of architecture.

Match the building blocks of other story building blocks, children can create their own stories and with different buildings, use your creativity and imagination, become a tiny city landscape designer.

A premium children’s collection. Handmade wooden toys for little hands at the start of life.
Designed by Kentaro Eguchi in Japan and handmade with love in Taiwan from FSC beech, pine, oak, maple, walnut, cypress & leather.

The collection draws from nature and Montessori principles and features flying bird mobiles, decorative block puzzles, origin al music boxes, baby toys, creative sets and accessories and the colourful small world Landscape range. All toys and furniture feature in Ivy’s House Montessori kindergartens across Taiwan.

Suitable for ages 3 years +

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