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Spiders Top Trumps

Spiders Top Trumps

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Scuttle and scurry into the seriously surprising world of Spiders Top Trumps! Become closely acquainted with the giant huntsman, the spider with a leg span of 30 centimetres! Find out more about the infamous Goliath bird eater, who contrary to their name actually prefers to eat worms, rodents and frogs, or the Brazilian wandering spider, who is believed to be the world’s most venomous species! This pack includes 30 of your favourite fearsome spiders and is bursting with facts about these fascinating creatures.

Key Features:

  • Entertaining educational card game loved for bringing your favourite subjects to life
  • Find out if the Black Widow or the Wheel Spider has the worst fright factor, or if the King Baboon Spider or the Wolf Spider is the most cunning
  • Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay
  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting spider facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump
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