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Needoh Teenie Funky Pup

Needoh Teenie Funky Pup

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Who let the dogs out!? Teenie NeeDoh Funky Pup (3 Pack) is a fidget toy set for little pooch-loving peeps! Kids can soothe their soul with a squeeze or stroke of this paw-some squishy toy, featuring floppy ears, eyes and a cute nose. Eight colours and styles available (picked at random).

Teenie NeeDoh is just like the Classic NeeDoh, but in miniature, so it’s ideal for keeping tiny hands busy. Helps children to feel more calm and attentive, improving their concentration and listening skills. Nee Doh is also a super fun sensory toy!

These adorable Funky Pups are a perfect gift or stocking filler for kids aged 3+ years. Great for portable play on the go. Made from a safe, non-toxic, dough-like material.

Teenie NeeDoh Funky Pup - product features:

  • 3 miniature NeeDoh Pup squishy toys
  • 8 colours and styles available (chosen at random)
  • Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material
  • Suitable for 3+ years
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