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The Book of Bees by Piotr Socha

The Book of Bees by Piotr Socha

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How do bees communicate? What does a beekeeper do? Did you know that Napoleon loved bees? Who survived being stung by 2,443 bees? This book answers all these questions and many more, tracking the history of bees from the time of the dinosaurs to their current plight.

'While it is intended for children with most of the illustrations … of a folksy and caricature-type nature, it will readily appeal to adults too' --The Beekeepers Quarterly

'A beautifully illustrated new book by cartoonist Piotr Socha will delight your children with all things buzzy…It is a brilliant way to educate the younger generation about something very small but very important.' --Absolutely Education magazine

'Designed like a coffee table book, yet containing the knowledge of an encyclopaedia, and reading like a fun newspaper, this is stunningly executed my top non-fiction book of the year' --Minerva Reads

Illustrator Piotr Socha has created a marvellous, unique picture book about beekeeping that delights everyone who sees it--Bees for Development Journal

This A3-sized beautifully illustrated book will quickly become a favourite in any household… it's impossible to read this book without a smile of wonder on your face. --Countryside magazine


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