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Unken Dunken Makes Pancakes

Unken Dunken Makes Pancakes

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Unken Dunken's Local Author Rich Ford will be doing a live reading of this awesome book on 10th December at Wigwam Toys! Pop along. The book has been featured on Milkshake TV.

Rich’s way with words and Joel’s flare for illustration have resulted in: ‘Unken Dunken Makes Pancakes’ – a children’s picture book for young kids. 

Some kids' books feature pirates.

Some are a moral lesson in disguise.

This book is about a girl and her uncle.

Look for a lesson if you like, but it's simply a story of love, laughs and friendship.

Unken Dunken Makes Pancakes’ is a highly relatable story about a girl and her uncle having fun making pancakes. Aimed at ages 2-6, it uses gentle humour to build anticipation, encourage guesswork and create the perfect talking point for parents.

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