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Zoo Animal Bucket Panda

Zoo Animal Bucket Panda

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Pour water, build sandcastles and much more with this Panda Bucket from Gowi Toys. With its cheeky smile, this little panda is ready to be shown off at the beach, park or sandpit.

The Panda Bucket features an easy to grip handle, a rim around the top of the bucket and a useful pouring spout to ensure that every load of sand or water is easy to handle! The perfect beach toy. The vibrant red shade and panda design makes playtime even more fun!

Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Suitable for tots aged 1 years +. Easy to clean. 13.5cm tall.

Panda Bucket product features:

  • Panda bucket
  • Ideal beach toy
  • 15cm L x 13.5cm H x 16cm W
  • Made in Germany
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